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Our customers save an average of $4000/year on their health insurance

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We don’t need your name - just stuff like age, location and tobacco usage.
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They don’t call it personalized for nothing. “One size fits all” should only apply to socks.
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Its free! We get paid a base rate from the insurance companies.

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Shop without having to give us all your personal info.

Patient Advocacy

Your free advocate can book appointments, dispute bills and more.

Giving Program

We share 2% of our profits to help those with dire medical needs.

What Members Are Saying

Sorting out my insurance has been a terrible experience with the various folks I've worked with except for KindHealth. Really valuable when going through a confusing process that I'm not familiar with.
Brendan , KindHealth Member
Being self-employed, purchasing health insurance for the family used to be a painful, time-consuming and uncertain process. KindHealth makes it enjoyable and straight-forward with modern technology and top notch customer service.
Sebastian , KindHealth Member
KindHealth is a great company with easy quotes at the tip of your fingers. I had several specific questions along the way which were always answered in a timely fashion. I was a slow decision maker as to which health plan I was going to choose and I was never rushed along the way.
Sara , KindHealth Member

We work with all major carriers