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Nobody wants to pay for health insurance but it's your safety net in case things get sideways. At least you can sleep well knowing you're covered.
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Your eyes are important. Get 'em covered. Literally. Great for glasses, contacts, and general check-ups.
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Turns out brushing isn't always enough. Get things like regular cleaning and check-ups covered. Avoid gingivitis.
Maybe you purchased a plan that has a high deductible. For a small amount each month, gap insurance will cover that cost.
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Bill Saver
9 out of 10 medical bills have overcharges. Prescription prices are a black box. Insurance is confusing and expensive.
Bill Auditing
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Hospital Confinement
If you’re hospitalized, you’ll need cash for what isn’t covered. Use it for whatever you need - rent, car payment, groceries.
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Long Term Disability
Get a weekly or monthly cash payout when you’re injured or ill to manage the things in life that don’t stop.
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Short Term Medical
Alternative for people who are generally healthy since there are limitations, but could be significant cost savings as well.
Short Term
Critical Illness
Get a lump sum cash payment to cover all the life complications from a critical illness diagnosis.
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Term Life
Financial peace of mind for all of the needs of your loved ones after life ends.
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If cancer strikes, get a lump sum cash benefit you can use for the road ahead.
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Accidents come in many different shapes and sizes. Pays cash benefits direct to you to help cover costs.
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Limited Medical
These plans pay benefits up to a fixed, or “limited,” dollar amount for each covered medical service. Best for smaller medical expenses vs catastrophic.
Limited Medical
Medicare Advantage
When you need additional benefits in your Medicare plan, Part C may be a better option.
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Medicare Supplement
If you’re enrolled in Medicare Part A and B you can still get additional help with services that aren’t covered.
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Medicare Prescription
Get prescription help when you’re enrolled in Medicare Part A or B.
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