10 Easy Ways to Exercise & Stay Healthy at Work

July 5, 2016

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Lead Copywriter


In this day and age, many of us have sedentary jobs. We can spend six or seven work hours at a computer, only to come home and spend another two or three hours planted in front of the TV or back at the computer. It’s easy to forget to get off your tuchus and MOVE.

If you find yourself anchored to your desk at work, there are plenty of ways to slip in exercise and healthy habits. First, check out our helpful guide on inexpensive standing desks (think $25 instead of $2,000). Second, we created a list of helpful exercises and habits you can do at work. These tips are all easy to do and only take a couple of minutes of your time.


1.) Chair squats– Sure, you may look a little silly squatting up and down from your chair, but just think how toned your gluteus maximus will become. Chair squats are easy; squat and hover over your chair and then stand straight up. Do in ten squat intervals and repeat throughout the day.

2.) Take the stairs– Instead of taking the elevator at work, try taking the stairs. If you work on the 80th floor, try walking the first five floors before hitting the elevator.

3.) Park far away– Don’t be afraid to park at the back of the parking lot. Not only do you save yourself the stress of finding a close spot–you also get a longer walk in.

4.) Calf raises– This is an easy exercise to do and will get you out of your chair and your muscles stretched. Stand behind your chair, stand up on your toes, flex those calf muscles and get your blood flowing. Hold for ten seconds at a time and repeat throughout the day.

5.) Walk after eating– Take a 15-minute walk after you eat lunch. According to studies, this will help you digest and keep you from feeling sluggish in the afternoon.

6.) Shoulder shrug and shoulder pinch- To keep your upper back agile, trying shrugging your shoulders up toward your ears, hold for five seconds and repeat ten times. Separately, bring your shoulders back and open up your chest. As suggested by Greatist, try to pretend you’re pinching a pencil between your scapulas.

7.) Walking meeting– Instead of you and your meeting partner sitting at a conference table, suggest a walking meeting where you converse while walking in or around the building.

8.) Pay attention to posture– Are you sitting straight at your desk? If not, consider buying an exercise ball or stool to sit on. This will help you sit straight and prevent back and neck aches and pains.

9.) Don’t be afraid to stand– Sitting in meetings all day? Don’t be afraid to stand up! Explain to your meeting cohorts that you try to stay healthy by alternating between sitting and standing. You’ll be surprised how many people will follow suit.

10.) Desk pushups– As long as you have a secure desk, it’s easy to slip in some pushups. Place both hands on the edge of your desk and lowering yourself as if doing a push-up. Do ten at a time and repeat throughout the day.