The Affordable Care Act hasn’t changed–for now

November 21, 2017

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Lead Copywriter

Every day there’s a new story about politicians trying to change our current health insurance system.

Maybe you’re wondering what the latest update is. Has our health insurance actually changed?

The answer is no.

At least for right now.

The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, which is the law our health insurance system follows, has not changed.

That means:

  • You can still get insurance if you have a preexisting condition
  • Your pregnancy is covered
  • You are eligible for subsidies (i.e. discounts) on your insurance if you make under $46,000 a year (for a one-person household)
  • Dozens of screenings and vaccinations are covered by your insurance, free of charge. Examples of screenings include diabetes, lung cancer, breast cancer and more. Read a full list of free services here.
  • Breastfeeding supplies and resources, contraceptives and mental health services are still available, free of charge.
  • Children are covered on their parents health insurance plan until the age of 26
  • There are no lifetime or yearly expense limits on your plan
  • It’s illegal for health insurance carriers to drop you if you’re sick
  • You still have to buy health insurance within Open Enrollment (for 2017, Open Enrollment is between November 1st–December 15th)
  • You still are required to buy health insurance or face a tax penalty

We know this is a really confusing time for health insurance, but find comfort in knowing that for 2017 and 2018, your health insurance plan won’t change. This year you might see less health insurance carriers selling plans in your area, but don’t worry too much: If you’re having trouble finding a plan that fits your needs and budget, please check out or call us 1-888-871-3864.