These are the best meal kits to try at home now

May 30, 2017

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Lead Copywriter

Who has time to prepare a healthy dinner anymore? Between work, the kids’ schedules, going to the gym, running errands and other life stuff, finding time to grocery shop and cook dinner is becoming more and more difficult.

To answer this problem, several companies started selling at-home meal kits. Meal kits are where you’re shipped the ingredients and recipe to a delicious dinner and you assemble the meal in the comfort of your home. Most of these meals take only 30-40 to prepare and cook, and people are raving about them.

Here are four meal kits we recommend:

Cost: $8.74-$9.99 per meal

Each week HelloFresh develops 13 new recipes with their team of chefs to bring you diverse and exciting meals to your house. You can choose a meat option, non-meat option or family option, and food is shipped to you for free on whatever day you choose. HelloFresh sources many of their ingredients from small-time farmers in order to bring you the freshest and healthiest food. Types of meals you’ll find are soy-marinated steak with broccoli over jasmine rice and seitan tacos al pastor. Albert, our CEO and a talented cook in the kitchen, says this about HelloFresh: “My time preparing, shopping and cooking has dropped to 2-3 hours per week. [I have] more time with family at night. [My] wife is cooking more. We do it together. Our meals at the table together have increased.”

Why try this kit: It is one of the more economical meal kits on the market, alongside BlueApron (listed below). They’re currently offering 50% off your first box

Blue Apron
Cost: $59.94 (3 meals for 2 people)–$143.84/week (4 meals for 4 people)

Around the same cost and style of HelloFresh, Blue Apron comes up with fresh meals each week and sources much of their ingredients from small or socially-conscious businesses. They also have their own wine delivery service, where you can buy wine to pair perfectly with your Blue Apron meal. Types of meals they offer include honey-rhubarb chicken with asparagus and salmon dill burgers.

Why try this kit: Like HelloFresh, it is one of the cheapest meal kits available AND you can pair your meal with one of their wines. They’re currently offering $30 off your first order

Green Chef
Cost: $10.49–$14.99 per meal

Unlike the previous meal kits, Green Chef is a little more expensive, but there is a reason why. Green Chef offers organic ingredients for individuals who have a more restricted diet. Are you gluten intolerant? Are you doing a paleo diet? Vegan? Vegetarian? Meat eater? Green Chef offers farm fresh, sustainable and easy-to-prepare meals for every diet type. Meals include buffalo blue chicken bowl and ginger curry tempeh salad.

Why try this kit: Though Green Chef is more expensive per meal, it is one of the few kits that caters toward paleo, gluten-free and vegan diets. They’re currently offering $50 off your first order

Cost: $12.50–$35.50 per serving

PeachDish is the costliest of the four meal kits listed here, but when you’re talking ribeye steak or quail, you’re paying for what you get. They arguably have the most exotic meals as well, with dishes like vidalia onion tart with goat cheese, rosemary and olives and lamb meatballs with cucumber, tomato and feta. Another unique feature is that PeachDish allows you to buy serving sizes up to 12, so if you have friends or family over, you can wow them with your “culinary skills.”

Why try this kit: If you want to go full-on gourmet with food like ribeye or quail for dinner AND feed a small party, this is the kit for you.