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November 3, 2017

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Lead Copywriter

A common misconception is that you must buy health insurance through, the government’s marketplace for health insurance. You do not have to buy health insurance from

We repeat: You do NOT have to buy health insurance from

In fact, you can buy health insurance from any licensed health insurance agent, like us! All agents sell the same health insurance plans for the same price, including

Let’s break it down a bit: is a marketplace and so is KindHealth. In other words, we’re both “stores” where you can buy health insurance. However, we sell plans (on-exchange) with subsidies as well as private plans (off-exchange), whereas only sells on-exchange plans.

So why does exist? was created in 2013 to help the American public buy health insurance under the new Affordable Care Act. You can still buy plans on, but here are a couple of reasons why you won’t want to.

Finding and applying for health insurance on can be daunting. Since they are serving the entire country, it can be difficult to get one-on-one support. When you shop for a plan with a smaller agency like us, the process is easy and pain-free. Not only does it take seven minutes or less to find and apply for a health insurance plan on our site,, but our helpful KindHealth Advisors are available at the drop of a hat to answer any questions you may have. And remember: We sell all the same plans for the same price. Just call us at 1-888-871-3864.

Something that sets us apart from other licensed agents is that each of our members receive a free health advocate to help them navigate their plan. Advocates can fight medical billing errors, research doctors, schedule appointments, get procedure estimates and more. Our members get back an estimated $240 due to medical billing errors discovered by our advocates. This free service is a life-changing feature that we’re proud to offer to the KindHealth community.

Go to or call us at 1-888-871-3864 and see why you won’t want to buy health insurance anywhere else.