Do I need a dental insurance plan?

January 19, 2016

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Lead Copywriter



The answer is no, you do not need a dental plan, but you definitely SHOULD get a dental insurance plan.

Going to the dentist regularly will keep your mouth from looking like this:

Austin Powers

Health insurance and dental plans aren’t packaged together, unfortunately. If you buy a health insurance plan, you’ll still have to buy a dental plan (if you want one). The good thing is that dental plans are typically inexpensive ($20-$35/month). Dental insurance is not as comprehensive as health insurance, but plans typically cover cleanings and help pay for dental work up to $1,000 or $1,500 (each plan is different, so it’s important to check your plan details).

In other words, if you’re planning on getting a lot of dental work done, you could end up savings hundreds of dollars in the year by having dental insurance. Keep those pearly whites, white!

If you’re in the market for dental insurance, we can help.