Interview: Jeremy Gabrysch, CEO of Remedy Urgent Care

March 30, 2016

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Jeremy Gabrysch Remedy

First in our interview series is Jeremy Gabrysch, CEO of Remedy Urgent Care. Remedy is an Austin-based urgent care that comes to you! One of the only medical services of its type in Austin, Remedy allows you to book an appointment online and have your doctor visit you in the comfort of your own home. Call Remedy the next time you need to see a doctor.

We are big fans of Jeremy and Remedy, and we wanted to ask him a couple of burning questions we have about healthcare.

1.) What do you think is the biggest obstacle in healthcare right now? 
The healthcare system has gotten exceedingly complex. Deciphering the difference between your deductible, your co-pay and your coinsurance is near impossible. Most people have no idea what the late night trip to the ER will end up costing them. Even if they pay a $200 co-pay at the time of service, it’s still almost impossible to surmise what the final bill will be when it comes weeks later. Most doctors practice what is called “shared decision-making” with patients which means they will present several options and then ask, “So, which would you like to do?” This adds even more burden to patients. And then you have the complex issues related to access. You can only go to providers that are “in your network” or “you need a referral” and the list goes on. It is very overwhelming to be a sick person in our healthcare system.

2.) What’s the craziest injury you’ve ever had happen to you? 
I’ve definitely had my share of accidents that landed me in the ER. Once I accidentally stabbed myself in the chest. Yes, that’s right. I was pulling a metal landscaping stake that was stuck in a rock. I pulled a little too hard and when the thing came loose, it literally stabbed me in the chest. Another time, I was hit in the head by a flying croquet ball while swimming in the pool. I know that sounds crazy, but some kids were playing croquet in the yard, and then decided it was a good idea to start throwing the balls up in the air.

3.) Who is your favorite fictional medical professional and why?

I would have to say Dr. Watson. He is actually a brilliant physician and doesn’t have to endure the pressure that Sherlock Holmes does. Plus he has a British accent which makes you sound smart anyway. I wish I had a British accent.