My Journey to Finding the Best Natural Deodorant

July 11, 2016

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Lead Copywriter


Lauren the KindHealth copywriter here.

I’m here today to tell you about my quest to find the best natural deodorant.

I live in Texas, which means it’s roughly 900 degrees four months out of the year. I also live in Austin, which means I’m hell-bent on living a more hippie lifestyle. For the past two years I’ve tried a number of natural deodorants, and the same thing always happens–come summer, I stink. The natural deodorant wears off around hour #2, and I spend the rest of the day trying to prevent myself from waving hello to people. However, I’m not giving up on my quest. One day I will find THE BEST NATURAL DEODORANT THERE EVER WAS.

But why natural deodorant, Lauren?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more paranoid about things that can cause my death. Being impaled by falling windows from skyscrapers, attacked by a pack of rabid dogs and choking on a lollipop are all things I worry about on a daily basis. You can also add Alzheimer’s caused by aluminum in deodorant to that list. First let me say that there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT ALUMINUM IN DEODORANT CAUSES ALZHEIMER’S, or cancer, for that matter. But let me also add that my neurosis is stronger than my intellect. I also enjoy living a more “clean” and “green” lifestyle, so any product that promotes fewer or healthier ingredients is a win in my book.

What natural deodorants have I tried?

I’ve tried the stalwarts of the natural deodorant world–Tom’s and Jason–and I gotta tell you, they stink. I mean I stink. They don’t work. Few people I know have had success with these two products, and for me, I had to reapply every two hours to smell pretty throughout the day. I’ve had better luck with the roll-on version of The Crystal and Lavanila. The Crystal is excellent if you prefer no flowery smells and like mystical-sounding products. Lavanila is great if you enjoy sweet-smelling perfumes that cost $15. (I’m currently using Lavanila and if you sweat a lot, that perfume starts to smell like curried onions–just a warning.) Many, many friends swear by Primal Pit Paste and Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. If you’ve tried either, let us know what you think! And if you’re into name brands, try Arm & Hammer’s Essentials.

Natural deodorants you can make yourself.

If you’re not into buying natural deodorant, you can always make your own. When I recently described my natural deodorant woes on Facebook, several friends chimed in with their recipes for DIY deodorant. One friend even recommended rubbing limes into your armpits. We did a little research and a number of folks said that–surprise!–rubbing lime in your armpit kind of works. Another friend recommended rubbing alcohol, which just sounds painful. If rubbing fruit into you pits sounds distasteful, here are a number of easy recipes to try:

Easy natural deodorant from Treehugger
Homemade Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin from Thank Your Body
Coconut Oil Deodorant from Wellness Mama

Should you use natural deodorant? 

That’s a good question–it’s really up to you! As I mentioned earlier, there has been no direct connection made between aluminum in deodorant and Alzheimer’s or cancer, but if you’re a scaredy cat like me, less is always more. Also, if your friends and family members don’t mind a little stank, then rock on with your stinky self!