Appointments, Networks, and Bills — Oh My

November 7, 2015

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Ellen Bartling

Finding, buying, and keeping health insurance would be a lot easier if it was less confusing, amirite? Car insurance is so simple, why the heck is health insurance insanely complicated? Even the experts at KindHealth struggle to answer that question sometimes, but we do know for sure that things aren’t getting more understandable any time soon. With the Affordable Care Act still evolving and states maintaining separate health insurance exchanges, it’s more confusing than ever. That’s why having a personal health advocate can be a lifesaver.

What is this curious creature known as a personal health advocate, you ask?

You know when you get a bill and everything on the bill reads like Klingon, and it looks like you’ve been charged twice for blood tests but you’re not sure? That’s where your handy-dandy personal advocate comes in… handy. They can flip through your bill with the speed of a train, confirming whether or not all the information is correct, and if there’s a mistake, they’ll fight to get you a refund. Yes, gone are the days of calling your doctor or plan carrier, dialing through a phone tree for 30 minutes and getting yourself into a mini rage; the advocates do it all for you, rage-free.

But that’s not all personal health advocates do — they can also help you find doctors in-network and in your area, schedule doctor appointments or surgeries, track down estimates before procedures and help you decipher the medical jargon that your doctor spewed at you during your appointment.

Think of it this way: a personal health advocate is like your very own health-spy who is patiently gathering intel, making connections and learning the ins and outs of the insurance system. Now they’re ready to share with you what they’ve learned, guiding you through the often frustrating maze of health insurance. They’re ready and willing to help.

So how do you get yourself one of these spies of the healthcare world, you ask?

When you purchase a health insurance plan through KindHealth, you get your very own personal health advocate, free of charge. Get yourself a spy today.