What the heck is a PPO health insurance plan?

January 29, 2016

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Lead Copywriter



In technical speak:

A Preferred Provider Organization plan (PPO) covers you in and out of network, though it is in your best interest to stay in network because you could end up paying more. With a PPO plan, you don’t need to assign a primary care physician upon applying, and that physician doesn’t need to give you a referral to see a specialist. PPOs typically have the biggest doctor network; however, PPOs are starting to be phased out by carriers.

In normal speak:
PPO plans are the bee’s knees. Unfortunately, they’re starting to disappear along with the bees; PPO plans are being phased out by carriers. Lame, we know. However, some still exist. Why are PPOs so awesome? They have the largest doctor network, which means there’s a good chance all your doctors take your plan. Also, you don’t have to see your primary care physician before seeing a specialist, saving you the cost of two doctor visits. The only downside to PPOs is that they probably have a more expensive monthly cost since they’re such good plans.

Even though PPOs are being phased out, there are still a lot of HMO, EPO and POS plans to choose from. If you need help finding a plan that is right for you, we can help.