What’s a qualifying event in health insurance?

January 26, 2016

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Lead Copywriter

In technical speak, a qualifying event is:

When you qualify for insurance outside of the open enrollment period. A qualifying event includes life events such as falling off your parent’s insurance after the age of 26, loss of coverage through job change, divorce, death in the family or graduation, etc.

Now, in normal speak:
A qualifying event means when you can apply for insurance outside of November 1st to January 31st. You see, most of us HAVE to apply for insurance during November 1st and January 31st, otherwise known as enrollment period (these dates can change a little bit from year to year). However, outside of that time, if you have a baby, get married, lose your job- you know, big life stuff- then you may qualify to apply for insurance. Note: You have to apply for insurance within 60 days of said qualifying event.

Check out the list of qualifying events below. If you’re not sure you fall under qualifying event status, give us a ring and we can help.

-You lost your coverage through job change, divorce, death in the family or graduation.
-You fell off your parent’s insurance after you turned 26.
-You had a change to income.
-You had a change in immigration status.
-You moved outside of your coverage area.
-You got married. (Congrats!)
-You had or adopted a child. (Congrats again!)
*-You purchased a unicorn.
*-You became a Jedi Master.
*-You located Bigfoot.

(*-You actually don’t qualify for health insurance if you achieve any of these things. However, if you do achieve any of these things, you probably deserve a Nobel Prize in Awesomeness.)