What’s the difference between generic, preferred and non-preferred drugs?

February 2, 2016

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In short, the difference is: generic drugs are cheaper equivalents of brand-name drugs; preferred brand-name drugs cost more than generic but are cheaper than non-preferred brand-name drugs; non-preferred brand-name drugs are the most expensive.

Let’s break it down some more:

Generic drugs mean you pay the lowest co-pay amount. These drugs are the FDA-approved counterparts to brand-name drugs. They’re safe and they’re cheap.

Preferred brand-name drugs mean a generic option is not available. However, these pills have been on the market for awhile; they cost more than generic drugs but less than non-preferred brand-named drugs.

Non-preferred brand-name drugs mean these are the pills you pay the most for. Make sure to ask your doctor if your pill has a generic version. This will save you a lot of dough.