Our health insurance alternative costs as little as $100/mo.

How it works

Step 1

Contribute monthly

Members of Altrua Health Share pay a monthly contribution which goes into an escrow account.
Step 2

Go to the doctor

Members present their Membership ID card when medical services are received.
Step 3

Your bill is paid

Your doctor submits the medical need to Altrua Health Share and Altrua pays the doctor from the escrow account.

Why Choose Us?

Less Expensive

The average family bill is about $1400 a month. Meanwhile, a family of four could purchase the lowest level plan from Altrua Health Share for less than $400 per month. That’s a $1000 savings, every month!

ACA penalty exempt

By purchasing an Altrua Health Share plan, all members are exempt from paying the ACA penalty for not having health insurance. No penalty plus less expensive coverage? That’s a win in our book.

It's simple

Individuals, couples, families, churches, and organizations contribute to care for one another.

What Members Are Saying

I have been a member of Altrua HealthShare since early 2002. I can say Altrua HealthShare has truly blessed my family over the years of being there in times of medical needs. Without Altrua HealthShare in my life, I was not able to afford Private Personal Insurance premium costs as they are today. I also would have been financially crippled without Altrua HealthShare’s assistance. I am very proud to be considered a member of Altrua HealthShare.
Mr. Jacobs ,
Our family of eight has been with Altrua HealthShare since early 2000. We have delivered four children, had 18 various broken bones, 4 extended hospitalizations, five various surgical procedures, and more doctor and specialist visits than one can count on all of our 160 fingers and toes! Yet through all these medical trials, Altrua HealthShare has been with us every step of the way.
Nicole T, Las Vegas, NV ,
We have been members of Altrua HealthShare for three or more years now. I own a small company that does not offer health insurance to employees, so we’ve always had to seek good prices on insurance. We had traditional insurance for a few years, and they continued raising their premiums from $700 all the way up to about $1,250. We're now insured for under $500!
Mr. & Mrs. Harshaw, TX ,
Our family of six has been with Altrua HealthShare for 15 years now. Our experience has been great both financially and emotionally. The customer service goes above and beyond with quick replies and thorough information. We honestly believe we could not find the same ‘health care’ (sharing) for our family anywhere else that is as comparable.
Mr. & Mrs. Steiner, MT ,