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To get information on health plans, contact marketplace at 844-963-4219.
Yes, you can still enroll in a marketplace plan for the rest of the year if you qualify for: A Special Enrollment Period due to a recent life event, like losing other coverage, moving, getting married, having a baby, or a new Special Enrollment Period based on estimated household income
Yes, you can cancel your health insurance policy at any time. There are two ways to cancel your plans: 1. Call your health insurance marketplace at 844-963-4219 2. Call your insurance provider directly. Your insurer's phone number is printed on your policy, health insurance card, and your premium bills.
You will not be able to log in to the website at this time. To access specific information about your coverage, EOBs, prescriptions, paying a bill, or any other questions please contact the customer service number on the back of your member card.
Each insurance company sets its own payment deadline. Some insurance companies may accept your first payment after your coverage has become effective, or they’ll pay for your care retroactively. Contact your insurance company directly to find out when and how to make your premium payment and what flexibility they’re able to give you.
No, you can enroll in ancillary or supplemental products throughout the year.
When you sign up for health insurance and make the first payment, your carrier will send a member identification (ID) card or insurance to you and your covered family members within 10-14 days. This card is proof that you have health insurance.
You received this email because you qualified for a tax credit/subsidy which means you received your major medical plan at a discounted rate. In order to keep that discounted rate you must show proof of income. You can do this by uploading your W2, end-of-year pay stub, or current pay stub. Please contact the Marketplace and they can walk you through how to upload your documents at 1-844-963-4219.
You can submit documents online on or by mail. Call marketplace at 800-318-2596 for step-by-step directions.
To cancel or update Ameritas plans, give Ameritas customer service team a call at 888- 701-2978.
Get in touch with your health insurance company as soon as possible. Most health insurance companies require that your newborn be added to an existing policy within 30 days of birth.
Typically you will not receive vision cards in the mail. You can contact your optometrist’s or ophthalmologist’s office and give them the name of your carrier and your social security number and they can run your information without a card.
There's only one place to get a copy of your 1095-A tax form: your insurance company. Call the main number on the back of your insurance card. If you purchased your plan via, please call 800-318-2596.
To cancel or update your VSP plans give the VSP customer service team a call at 800-877-7195.
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