Where We Began

We want to make the complicated world of health insurance suck less.

Our Goals

  1. To help you buy insurance. You should spend more time literally doing anything other than shopping for health insurance.
  2. To find you ways to save money. And we’re good at it. We save our members an average of $4000 a year.
  3. To keep you from having to spend a lot of time with us. There are too many things vying for your attention, we shouldn't be one.
  4. To make health insurance suck less. You won’t love us, but you won’t hate us either. Insurance will never be fun but we want you to feel covered.


Too many times you think you’re purchasing health insurance from a particular website but you’re really just giving your information to a lead gen site which then sells your information to dozens of other insurance agents. We never ask for personally identifying information because we feel that it’s easier (and more reassuring) to shop for health insurance anonymously.

The other reason you’re often asked to create an account or fork over your email address is simply so the website knows how to reach back out to you if you decide to not buy their product. We believe that your peace of mind should outweigh our ability to market to you if you’ve left our site.

Giving Back

Do you know someone saddled with medical bills they can’t afford to pay?

Here at KindHealth, we understand that life can be tough. Health problems happen, and next thing you know, you have thousands of dollars in medical debt.

That’s why we created our Giving Program: to help alleviate some of the burden of medical costs.

Each month we donate $1000 to a person who could use a little help.


One of the sweet perks of having a plan through us is that you have a free health advocate who can help with all your insurance conundrums 24/7.

They can help with:

  • Finding bill errors and getting your money back
  • Finding and scheduling appointments with doctors
  • Getting procedure estimates so you don’t end up with surprise costs

Our advocates save our members and average of $240 a year in medical bill errors.

“A bill for blood work seemed unusually high, so I asked my advocate to look into it. She was able to get my bill from $72 to $5.”

- Lauren

Let’s revolutionize the health insurance industry together

Meet Our Staff

Albert Pomales
Co-Founder & CEO
Andrew Tomasik
Co-Founder & COO
Christian Davis
Andy Terrel, Ph.D.
Chris Boyles
VP of Marketing
Ehab Kawar
Nicole Thurman
Director of Partnerships
Kylie Everhart
Director of Carrier Relations
Sonia Porras
Kind Advisor
Nidhi Singh
Project Manager
Krystel Rae Davis
Tech Ops
Dillon Lundell
Full-Stack Developer
Christian Chavarro
Full-Stack Developer
Faraaz Ismail
Full-Stack Developer