Where We Began

Our Goal: To make the complicated world of health insurance suck less.

About KindHealth

Here at KindHealth, we offer an alternative for those wanting an easy, and dare we say fun, insurance shopping experience.

Personalized Recommendations

We believe that no one should feel frustrated or discouraged when dealing with their carrier, so we offer one-on-one help with our KindHealth Personal Advocates.

Let’s revolutionize the health insurance industry together

Meet Our Staff

Albert Pomales
Andrew Tomasik
Executive Vice President
Andy Terrel, Ph.D.
Christian Davis
Lead Developer
Chris Boyles
VP of Marketing
Dillon Lundell
Full-Stack Developer
Ehab Kawar
Kylie Everhart
Director of Carrier Relations
Nidhi Singh
Project Manager
Rodrigo Lloreda
Kind Advisor
Sonia Porras
Kind Advisor
Tony Haigh
Affiliate Development Specialist
Vadivel Selvaraj
Software Engineer