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KindHealth is on a mission to make health insurance suck less. 80% of the 90 million Americans on individual insurance buy plans that don’t meet their needs. Once we have the insurance paying bills and managing doctors is a nightmare, with a medical system that seems designed to be overly complex. While big carriers fight with Washington and see record-breaking profits, we are here building applications to navigate what it means for our fellow confused consumers.

Full Stack Javascript Engineer

The first line of defense is our data team. Everyday we crunch data on everything from the types of plans available, usually in a file format unearthed from the 80s that even the carriers don’t remember they had, to the best place to buy those expensive drugs.

To this end, we build lots of APIs. We clean lots of data. And we need someone to help us do a lot more. If you have built ETL pipelines and query layers in your dreams, we want to talk to you. We’re not big on exact requirements, the industry is changing at a breakneck pace and we know our tools will to. But here is a small list of the things you need to do daily:

  • Write parsers of data to structured formats. We use Python and Node quite a bit for this.
  • Optimize queries to data systems. We like mongo more than we should throw in a healthy dose of reds and Postgres and you know where to find us.
  • Good understanding of database technologies.
  • Use event-based streaming systems, e.g. Kafka and Kinesis
  • Familiar with cloud computing, we love Heroku … if only it loved us.
  • Analyze data process for correctness, and keep it correct, and again make sure it is correct. Then check again. Right now we have a lovely QA team, but we will expect you to help solve this problem.
  • Write api’s that our application developers love to use. Here we tend to use python and node but are not wedded to anything. Well pretty sure we won’t be using Pascal but if you know how to write a web api in Pascal you might be the right type of person for the job.
  • Ability to go from mockup to live application. We assume HTML, CSS, CSS-Compliers, JS, JS tools(like webpack and babel), web servers(nginx perhaps), APIs and so on will be used with extensively.
  • Understanding modern single page apps. It really helps if you can comfortably work in React-redux and semi-comfortable in other frameworks.

If you so choose to accept our mission, you will learn the bowels of an arcane system crying out for modernization. Please send your resume to