Patient Advocacy

We fight with your insurance so you don’t have to.

There’s nothing worse than having to call your insurance carrier to get questions answered or mistakes fixed (going to the DMV might be worse). Gone are the days of climbing blindly through a carrier’s phone tree or waiting 30 minutes to reach a representative.

Our KindHealth Personal Advocates will do the grunt work for you.
They’re on-call to help you…

Find doctors near you

Need a doctor near your house? Your advocate will find one for you.

Book appointments

Save time by having your advocate schedule appointments for you and your family.

Look for billing mistakes (and save you money)

Bill errors are common, and your advocate will get you your money back if you overpaid.

Get estimates before procedures

No more surprise costs before a procedure! Your advocate will get you that info beforehand.

Decipher medical jargon

Medical information can read like Ancient Greek. Your advocate can help explain in layman’s terms

Take care of your parents.

Being a caretaker of elderly parents is hard, and your advocate can help answer questions about Medicaid and discuss available programs and services.

Real-life examples of how our Personal Advocates can help you


A family has a baby and receives ten medical bills consisting of questionable charges.

What happened?
The KindHealth Personal Advocate calls the family’s carrier and doctors with a line-by-line audit and discovers errors.

The advocate gets the family $427 back, and the family keeps 100%.


A young woman has a question about what in-network doctors are within driving distance to her house.

What happened?
Her KindHealth Personal Advocate researches for her and discovers that there are no in-network doctors nearby.

The advocate is able to confirm with the carrier that the young woman can choose an out-of-network doctor close by at in-network rates.